Wow what a weird month September has been. sales fell through the floor, barely half of what the previous month did.  My distributor says that's normal for this time of year but I think the outdoors industry is scared to death of high fuel prices and a freaked out worldwide financial crisis.

In the mean time, I did make some good progress on AbleMods.  Most everything I want up on the site is available now.  Considering the site has only been live for 30 days, I'd say it was a great success.

October is going to be a good education month for me.  I've noticed quite a bit of interest in B2B portals for AC7 sites, so I'm going to give that some more thought.  Maybe I can whip up a module that's generic enough to cover most bases.  I'd also like to get the FTP features installed into Feed Builder – that's kind of handy to have but it's a real pain how Able implemented the feed FTP class.  Not sure it's worth the hassle.

I'm super-interested in making some sort of product stock notification plug in.  Something that lets people "subscribe" to individual products, so when the item comes back in stock the visitor is automatically sent a notification email.  It'd be easy to do with full source code, but I want to try doing it with the base AC7 install.  There's gotta be a way. 

Weather has cooled down and we're finally getting some rain here in Indiana.  At least the yard isn't looking like the Arizona foothills any more Smile