If you are using QBWC aka QuickBooks Web Connector to import invoices or sales receipts to your company file, you may see the sales getting double taxed.

This is caused by having sales tax calculated by the original source of the data (in my case AbleCommerce 7) and then again in QuickBooks.

The solution is to change the default sales tax setting in the QuickBooks company file.  QuickBooks likes to set the default taxable status of a customer to “Taxable”.  However in situations where the data is being imported from another app, it’s quite possible that taxes are already computed.

The setting is easy to find, once you know where it is.   First, load QB and open your desired company file.

Then choose the Edit menu and select ‘Preferences’

When the preferences load, select the Sales Tax category as shown here.   image

Now select the Company Preferences tab in the main window.  You’ll see a dropdown choice for “Your Most Common Sales Tax Item”.  Change that from whatever taxable tax code is listed to a non-taxable tax code.



If you have a non-taxable sales tax item, just click the Add Sales Tax Item… button to create a new one.