Wow it's been a while since the ol' blog saw some love.  Things have been very busy this summer and I just haven't had time to give it the attention it deserves.

 That's the bad news.  The good news is I have some new stuff to talk about so here goes…

QuickBooks Module

My QB module is getting a little love.  It's been so stable that it really hasn't seen much aside from the usual installation issues.

First, an updated manual is available.  Shoot me a note on my page if you'd like the updated manual.  It has some more detail about the configuration as well as several troubleshooting tips.

Second, improved support for sales tax codes has been added.  Now the line items of a sales receipt or invoice will be coded such that the QuickBooks Sales Tax Summary report will show you all the numbers you need BY TAXING AUTHORITY.  So few people deal with sales tax online that it hasn't needed much work

Third, I'm adding support for non-inventory items in QuickBooks.  Currently the module creates all AC7 products sold as "inventory" type items in QuickBooks.  Now the module will look at the product record in AC7 first to see if inventory tracking is enabled on the product sold.  If it's not, the module will create the sold product as a non-inventory type item in QuickBooks.  Otherwise it continues as it always has with creating an inventory type item.  This feature is currently in live testing – soon as that's done I'll push it to general release.

Source Code Control

Business has been good.  So good that it's becoming a real chore to manage the various projects and keep everything straight.  With the help of some knowledgeable friends in the Able community, I've got a great source code control system set up using Vault from SourceGear.  Check it out, it's pretty slick.  Managing multiple versions of the same product as well as customizations with specific customers is a snap!

I've also got a nifty bug/case management program I'm testing.  This should immensely with keeping all the open cases organized.  Eventually this will merge into a Wiki and online forum for communication.  Not sure if I'll go with this one long-term, but for now we'll see how much it helps.