Time to add a new module.  This time it’s a project I finished many months ago for a client.  The client needed a web service that allowed their fullfillment center systems to interface with AbleCommerce 7 via the internet.  The requirements included the ability to pull pending orders, retrieve and set stock quantities as well as post both full and partial shipment information.

The result was a compact but effective ASP.Net web service that provides a secured external interface to the AbleCommerce 7 store data.  By leveraging a very common interface protocol known as SOAP, this module has a broad compatibility base.

The module has been working rock-solid for nearly a year.  So, with the clients permission, I have started reworking the module to be available for sale to the general public.  This will provide excellent external interfacing options for businesses with multiple yet dissimilar eCommerce technologies in place.

My timeline is to have this done in a few days.  First the module has to be “generalized” and any client-specific references removed.  Then I’ll expose some additional web service methods for more store data.  Finally some solid technical documentation will be developed to include with the module.

Overall, it’s nice knowing the hard part is already done – the code is already written and very well tested.