After upgrade of my MDaemon 10 installation to version 11, my WorldClient essentially broke.  I could log into my WorldClient, but the right window contents were always blank or empty.   I could see message counts in the left side, all the folders etc.  Left side worked great.  But no matter what folder I clicked, the right side was empty.

Since I only used WorldClient when I travel, it was more of a hassle than an issue.  I could use the Simple theme or Mobile theme to get what I needed.  But the Standard and LookOut themes continued to have missing content.  This morning I finally decided it was time to clean up some old issues.  So I dug into it via Google and finally figured out the cause.

Apparently the ability to customize the columns in the right-pane window of the WorldClient view is new to version 11 of MDaemon.  Unfortunately the upgrade install failed to actually SET those columns to be visible.  If you look closely in your right-pane window of WorldClient, you’ll notice there are no column headings.  AHA ! 

The solution is incredibly simple.  You have to tell WorldClient what columns you want to see in each view like Inbox, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar etc.  To do this, just click the Options choice at the bottom of your left-side window pane.  Then choose the Columns menu choice like shown:


On the next screen, notice how NONE of the checkboxes are selected.  So WorldClient is essentially told not to display any columns for anything.  Not sure why a developer would allow this scenario but that’s for another discussion Smile

To resolve the problem, just click the checkbox for each column you want to appear like this:


When you’re done, be sure to click the Save button at the top:


Once your settings are saved, click back to your Inbox and you should see all your emails just you expect.

NOTE:  This has to be done per-user, so if you have multiple accounts you must do this for each one individually.  Joy !