You may have noticed by now that AbleCommerce 7 does not show all categories in the left side menu.  Once you drill into a sub-category, the left side shows you only sub-categories from that point forward in the store catalog.  AC7 makes it a tad confusing since now you don’t really know how to go back up unless you notice the breadcrumbs.

That’s swell if you have a sufficiently large catalog tree.  Many stores do not have a large one.  They would like to see all categories on every page that uses the Left Sidebar 1.  This is incredibly simple to implement.

Edit your Left Sidebar 1 scriptlet.  You can do this from either the Admin side or by switching to Edit Mode on the visitor side ( assuming you’re logged in as an admin).

the Left Sidebar 1 defaults to:

Just change it to:
[[ConLib:SimpleCategoryList CategoryId=”0″]]

Now save your change.  You’ll see the results immediately – the category list control will always pull from the root level of the catalog to display all sub-categories at level 1.  Suweet !!