When you initially set up a GitHub account, it’s considered a ‘personal’ account. Buddy.Works connects to your GitHub account right way and all of your personally owned repositories are available.

However when you are invited as a collaborator to a GitHub repository owned by another GitHub user, things get more complicated. When you originally set up your GitHub/Buddy connection, you gave Buddy permission to access your GitHub repositories. But that doesn’t work when you aren’t the repository owner.

The trick is to have the other GitHub user set up an ‘Organization’ in their GitHub account. Then they move their repository into their Organization. Next, they invite you to be a member of their organization with admin rights.

Now you can go into your own GitHub account, find where you gave the Buddy.Works app permission to access your GitHub, and give Buddy permission to access that organization. At that point, now Buddy.Works will be able to see and access repositories created within that organization set up by the other GitHub user. Here are the specific steps:

Create Organization:

1. From your personal profile, at top right, click “+ / New Organization”.

2. Select desired Plan type….I chose “Free”.

3. Specify Organization Name/Email and who the Organization belongs to, I chose “Personal”

Transfer existing Repo to new Organization:

1. Click on Repo name that is currently in your Personal Account.

2. Click on Settings for the Repo

3. In the “Options” side menu, scroll right down to the bottom of the page where there is a section called “Danger Zone”

4. Click “Transfer Ownership” and specify the Organization you wish to transfer to.

5. To avoid accidental transfers, you need to type a phrase to proceed.

6.¬†Again, without clicking through and setting up another one, I’m not sure what the following prompts were to complete.

Finally, here is the url to your own GitHub permissions where you give Buddy.Works the rights to access repositories in the organization for which you were invited: https://github.com/settings/connections/applications/bce0cdef69aae14e14b0