Yesterday I decided it was time to tie my case management software FogBugz into my source code control system Beanstalk (SVN).

Beanstalk offers a FogBugz integration, but I couldn’t get it to work.  Every time I set it to my FogBugz URL, Beanstalk would respond with some sort of “Unable to connect to host” message.

The solution was that the Beanstalk integration to FogBugz does not support sub-domain URLs for the FogBugz path.  In other words, you can’t do http:// www. ablemods. com/ support/.  However, if you move your FogBugz path to the root of a site URL like then the integration works flawlessly.

FogBugz has a nice instruction page that details how to move the install from a sub-domain URL (subdirectory) to a root web site URL.  The instructions are located here:

FogBugz technical support was fantastic.  Quick and informative responses really make your day Smile