Maintaining an audit trail of effort and activity as it pertains to an order is important. AC7 gives you that ability using the History and Notes feature on the Order Details screen.
But adding notes to an order, either for yourself or the customer can be a pain because the box is too small. This modification enlarges the size to be far more convenient for the site admin.

File to change
We only have to change one line in one file, so this one is fast and easy. Make a backup of your ~/Admin/Orders/OrderHistory.aspx file before you begin.

Now edit that file and look for this line in the code:

                    <asp:TextBox ID="AddComment" runat="server" TextMode="MultiLine" Rows="4" Columns="50"></asp:TextBox><br />

Replace the line with this one:

                    <asp:TextBox ID="AddComment" runat="server" TextMode="MultiLine" Rows="8" Columns="150"></asp:TextBox><br />

Save it.

What just happened
All you've done is change the Rows value and Columns value for the control. I chose 8 and 150 as they give plenty of room and don't affect screen layout. At least on my admin screen anyways.
Feel free to experience with other values to suit your personal tastes.

When order volume reaches a certain level, you'll find you have become quite dependend on History and Notes. It gives you a fast and easy way to see exactly where you with the order within the business process. Now you can more easily add notes and customer communications.