Finally some time to write some programming!

 Business has been far more busy than I would like.  Normally that's a good thing, but when it keeps you from the things you do best, that's a whole different problem.  Fortunately I have some help coming that will take some of the daily paperwork workload off my plate. 

In the mean time, I managed to get an update out for Feed Builder.  This one is marked v1.3 and includes the following changes:

  • Improvements to formatting of descriptions in all feed formats
  • Resolved issues with odd HTML tags crashing the file construction
  • Improved Affiliate URL handling – now you can specify whether the 3rd party affiliate URL should be put at the beginning of the product link (like AffiliateWiz) or at the end of the product URL.
  • Updated documentation that includes better explanations.  This will be further enhanced as time permits.