Came across an interesting challenge today with an Able Gold R1 install.   An international client could not get the shipping estimator to return rates for international addresses.

You could choose the destination country from the dropdown list and click the button.  But no rates were returned.

The site was configured to use the FedEx integrated shipping provider.   Yet the estimator would only give FedEx rates if it was given a US location.

After digging through the code and the FedEx debug log responses, I figured out something I didn’t realize.  AbleCommerce keeps a manual list of what countries require a postal code.   This list, by default, only includes US and CA.

FedEx requires a postal code when calculating rates.  And the shipping estimator control must prompt for the postal code for shipments to countries that require a postal code. 

imageTo make the shipping estimator control prompt for the postal code (zip code) for specific countries, go into the Admin Configure/Store/General and add all the desired country codes to the Locale Settings.

Shipping Estimator will read this list and only show the postal code input field when the selected country code is one of the codes listed in this field.




Now that the shipping estimator knows to prompt for postal code for your selected country, it will send enough information to FedEx to get a shipping rate quote.