Automation is a key ingredient to a smooth running web store.  With our new Job Scheduler module, you will spend more time running your business.

Here is a preliminary feature list:

  • Automatically send a follow-up email X days after an order ships.  Great marketing and customer service opportunity for every customer who buys from your store.
  • In-stock notification!  Visitors who register with your site can add out-of-stock items to their wishlist.  When that item comes back in stock, a notification email complete with product link is automatically sent to them using the email template of your choice.
  • CPC Marketing Feed files for Google, Yahoo and Shopping.com can now be fully automated.  The module will use your saved feed settings to generate the file AND upload it on a schedule you designate.
  • Support for one-time and recurring job schedules.
  • Easy job management.  See what jobs are queued with quick links to involved products, users and orders.
  • Customization possibilities all over the place.  We'll be able to incorporate your class files into new job types.  This will allow you to automate your own custom programming.  A good example of this is electronic distributor feeds that update stock quantities and pricing.  No more daily downloads!
  • Automatic Sitemap.xml generation.  No more manually updating the sitemap.xml when you add/change/delete products in your store catalog.

Currently we are doing internal beta testing.  We should have our first beta release available to the general public by the end of December 2008.  Be sure to subscribe to our New Products feed by clicking the icon on our home page at http://www.AbleMods.com