Well I decided it was time to update BlogEngine.Net given I was still on v1.4.5 and I haven’t been giving the Blog the love it needs.  So tonight I decided to take the plunge and see what it did.

First, the upgrade files DO overwrite the web.config file in the existing blog folder.  Fine if you’re using XML data source but I was using SQL.  So I had to find the Setup folder in the Blog folder and read the instructions on using the SQL-configured web.config file.  Once that was done, it all tied together to my existing blog data.

I did get one error when I tried adding new blog entries “Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: ‘Admin’ Key being added: ‘Admin'”

Wasn’t sure where to begin so I googled it – found some discussion on BlogEngine.Net using ASP.Net security role provider.  That means there are three tables involved in BlogEngine.Net:  be_Users, be_UserRoles and be_Roles.  Duplicate dictionary errors mean the code was assuming every entry read into the dictionary would be unique but there was duplicate.  Sure enough, there was a second “Admin” user record created in the be_Users.  Deleting that record solved the problem.

So, now it’s fixed and I loaded up a new theme just to have the “new” look-and-feel again.  Now it’s time to keep the blog alive a little better than I have in the past 🙂