Ever have a project where you pretty much had to ‘just do it’ to see if you could?  Enter DPM from Authorize.Net.

Direct Post Method is a way to avoid certain PCI compliance requirements for an AbleCommerce 7 online store.  It works by avoiding any interaction between the storefront and the payment details.  If the storefront never sees the payment details, the PCI compliance requirements drop significantly.

Unfortunately the documentation for DPM provided by Authorize.Net is worthless for an ASP.Net Web Forms environment.  It’s written exclusively for Win-Forms apps.    Back to square-one if you’re an AbleCommerce developer like me.

After a TON of digging online, I finally found a working example of using Direct Post Method with ASP.Net and C#.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one noticing the lack of ASP.Net documentation.

Now I can start my project for integrating Authorize.Net DPM into AbleCommerce.

EDIT:  URL added  http://www.tandasoft.com/2011/05/05/using-authorize-net-dpm-direct-post-method-from-asp-net-web-forms/