After having spent several hours getting and upgraded to 7.0.2, the new version 7.0.3 was released this week.

 So, in an effort to be proactive, I decided to re-do the upgrade process once more and get both sites on the latest-and-greatest AbleCommerce 7. 

So far, so good.  Full-text searching has a problem when more than one keyword is used in the search.  Otherwise, the upgrade went very smoothly. is a completely unmodified AC7 install, so that upgrade was completely painless. has several modifications, however my recent experience with the update to 7.0.2 made getting to 7.0.3 pretty painless.

It's interesting to see the advantages of using compiled class libraries instead of direct source-code file modification when it comes to store customization.  My site upgrades require significantly less effort.  That equates to less stress on me, greater likelihood of doing the next upgrade and less post-upgrade issues to track down and resolve.