Did you know that AbleCommerce can do site templates?  They have a library of over 100 templates ready to go for a very reasonable price.  In fact, I used AbleCommerce templates for both my www.solunar.com and www.ablemods.com websites.   AbleCommerce was fast and responsive to changes I wanted to make with each one.  Within a week I had a single zip file of template files designed specifically for AbleCommerce 7.  Installation took like 60 seconds and WHAM!  My websites looked fantastic.

There are a lot of things I’m great at doing.  Unfortunately website design and layout just isn’t one of them.  For very little money, I was able to stay focused on running my businesses and leverage the experts to get a clean and stylish looking website.

Check it out http://www.ablecommerce.com/AbleCommerce-70-Store-Template-P164.aspx