Testing has gone very well.  What a project.  Wound up rewriting like 90% of the entire module.  Added several new features, vastly improved error handling and laid a solid foundation for more enhancements.

Intuit has done a decent job of working out the kinks found in the older versions of their QBWC SDK.

The final improvement will be the support for Sales Orders.  Not entirely sure what I’ll do with the payment side of an order being transferred into a Sales Order, but we’ll cross that bridge once I reach it.  I’m waiting now on a QB Enterprise trial from Intuit so I can test.  Buying a full copy of Enterprise just for testing purposes seems wasteful.

I eliminated support for AbleCommerce 7 versions prior to release 7.0.2.  If you’re not on 7.0.2 or later, you should be.

The manual has already been updated.  As soon as I can test Sales Order transfer, I’ll release the new build to the general public.  Then it’s on to the next project !