Finally some significant progress on the AbleCommerce Job Scheduler project.  All it took was the fear of 12 inches of snow and the obvious result of 12 inches of snow.  The phones have been quiet all day, so I made some huge progress.

 Basket reminders are written.  I'll be testing those this evening and tomorrow locally, then pushing to live for the usual sorry-my-site-sent-you-27-emails-sir testing.  Now if I could just get the Visual Studio debugger to cooperate this evening, I'd be a happy puppy.

Here are some screenshots of the final module pages – had to break everything up into 3 pages as the new features were making for quite the bloated one-page configuration.   

scheduler-image1.jpg (162.70 kb)

scheduler-image2.jpg (168.01 kb)

scheduler-image3.jpg (194.28 kb)