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AbleMods LLC specializes in supporting and customizing the AbleCommerce .Net eCommerce platform. We can help with installation and hosting issues, training your team, designing improvements to meet your business model and integrate with suppliers or accounting to streamline your business efforts.

Let us help you leverage the power of the AbleCommerce software.

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Installation and Support

Just need some help getting installed?  What about ongoing support in case of issues?

AbleMods LLC provides quick and efficient installation of the AbleCommerce eCommerce software into your existing web hosting environment.  We’ll review the hosting specs, assess the security requirements and identify any areas of potential concern.

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Integrations & Customization

AbleMods specializes in customizing the AbleCommerce eCommerce software.   We’ve been doing it for over ten years.  It’s all we do.

First, we listen.  We will discuss your needs with you to learn how things to work.  When we see an opportunity to leverage an existing but unused feature, we’ll mention that too.

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Web Hosting Made EASY And AFFORDABLE

Not every hosting provider is cut out for Microsoft .Net web hosting.  The extensive security and performance capabilities of the Windows hosting environment requires unique skills and experience.

Does your hosting provider understand how to secure, support and maintain Microsoft .Net websites?  We’ve been doing it for over 10 years now.  We do it every single day and we do it very well.

Combine our extensive experience in AbleCommerce with our expert Microsoft web hosting knowledge to have the most reliable eCommerce hosting platform available.



August 31, 2012

ABCPdf Unable to load DLL 'ABCpdf8-64.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

I use the ABCPdf .Net module quite a bit in projects.  It’s perfect for generating and manipulating PDF files in server-side ASP.Net code.  But more than once, I’ve encountered this error and can’t remember the solution.  Finally I remembered the cause of the error.  You have to enable 32-bit applications in the IIS application pool here. Go into IIS Manager and choose Application Pools. Find the app pool assigned to the site runnin

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